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Winter Storage

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What do you all think about storing rods & reels, bait, etc. on your boat over winter?  I'm in Central Virginia, we do get freezing weather and my boat has to be stored outdoors.  Usually, I move all my gear indoor for the winter but I'm just wondering if maybe I could just leave it on board until spring.  I know liquids and such would have to be removed but should rods & reels and other baits also be removed?  Thanks.


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I wouldn't do that. I bring all my rods into the house. and all my baits. Especially hard baits. I try to keep them out of extreme heat and cold. The expansion and contraction will crack them.
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I don't have and have never had the luxury of a warm place to keep all of my crap, er, tackle. I make sure that the rods are stored upright and STRAIGHT. This year I'll be pulling all of my reels off for cleaning, so they'll be warm, at least for a while.

I've had most of my bait problems (hard baits) in extreme hot weather. The heat causes the glue in them to go to a semi-gaseous state, and they get fat. Not good fat, either.

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All of mine go into an unheated shed, out of the sun but still in the vagaries of temp change, haven't had an issue yet.
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