Lou's Signature Series Hair Jigs!

Started by bigjim5589, November 22, 2021, 02:44:33 PM

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 Capt Lou Lagrange, and I have been collaborating on some hair jigs for his guiding business. He's been testing them and if you follow his Youtube channel, he's been having a lot of success with the jigs. I've posted some of the jigs already, the test jigs, but now he's narrowed it down to two of the patterns that he tested, and has added a third. The new pattern is intended to imitate a Threadfin Herring.  :)

These are all tied on the same  style powder coated jig head, and tied with synthetic hair, using 2/0 VMC Barbarian Jig Hooks. The weights are 1/8 ounce & 1/4 ounce.

So, here they are!  ;D

Lou's Mayan Cichild, Lou's Juvenile Tilapia, and Lou's Threadfin Herring.

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Capt. BassinLou

BigJim, working with you over the last couple of months has been awesome!! Testing and fishing these hairjigs has been a great experience. Thank you for bringing my idea to life. Having my name associated with your hairjigs is so cool!! Thanks again Jim!!

Capt. BassinLou

If anyone wants to see the effectiveness of these hairjigs, head over to my YT channel Bassin' with Capt Lou and watch the Everglades Peacock Bass Fishing in High Water video. Those VMC Barbarian Jig hooks are unforgiving!!  ~bb


Great job Jim! Those are amazing!

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They look like walleye jigs. That perch color is going to be killer on the great lakes.
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That juvenile tilapia looks Great!! So many things it could be as well- baby bass, bream, shad etc.

How do you go about getting some?
I use Mister Twister Baits!


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Those look really great!!! You might want to add a dark green top moving to chartreuse on the bottom, should work great for fall and spring perch runs for hungry bass.
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