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Building Combos and Planning Upgrades

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I hope this isn't a lot to ask of you all - I thought I'd post a list of the rods and reels I've collected, and see if you'd be willing to tell me how you'd pair them up and for what sorts of techniques.  A lot of this stuff is cheap, so if there's something I should retire or add, please let me know your thoughts.  Thanks in advance!

A little background:

I live in Coastal Southern Maine, and fish there and a little in Southern New Hampshire as well.  Before the summer of 2021, I'd only fished a few times.  The family and I had booked a lakeside cabin in late Spring, and I'd gotten it into my head I was going to catch a lake trout.  I didn't - but I digress.  I went to gather my rod, reel, and tackle box, and found that all my lures had gone horribly rusty.  Researching replacements tipped me squarely into the tackle addiction, and I think I'm just now starting to get it under control.  ;D

I'm most likely to be bank fishing or getting out in my (recreational sit-in) kayak.  I don't know how often I'll manage all-day excursions.  An hour or two here or there is much more likely.

I think I have baits that hit most of the techniques, but I've stayed away from swimbaits/glide baits as I understand that requires a heavier powered rod than I currently own.  I've had some success with brook trout and rainbow trout, and am wanting to target largemouth and smallmouth bass this year.

Without further ado, here's what I've got (links where I could manage it).

Spinning Rods:
Spinning Reels:
  • Shimano 300Q Spinning Reel - Quickfire Bail trigger. 8Lb/285yd, 10Lb/215yd, 12Lb/190yd. Rear drag. Cranking backwards puts the bail/trigger into a specific position for opening for the next cast, which is neat, but feels a little weird to me
  • Okuma Compressa CP-30. - 3BB, 5.0:1, 6Lb/330yd, 8Lb/260yd, 10Lb/180yd. 11 Lb drag.
  • Okuma Stratus VI SVI-30.  6+1BB, 5.0:1. 8Lb/270yd, 10Lb/190yd, 12Lb/170yd
  • Daiwa Regal LT 2500.9+1 BB, 5.2 : 1, 8Lb/240, 10Lb/210, 12Lb/160   10/250, 15/185.  22 LB drag.
  • Shakespeare Tiger TGRA50. 1BB, 5.1:1, 12 Lb/280yd, 14Lb/215yd, 17Lb/195yd.
Casting Rods:
Casting Reels:

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The most important fact to consider is balance.  The balance point for the rod and reel should be right in front of the reel seat were the foregrip ends and the reel seat starts.  This way, the weight of the combo is "in your hand", you're not holding the tip up, or keeping the butt from causing the tip to rise.