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Started by FlatsNBay, April 01, 2022, 07:18:20 AM

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What's your go to lure for seatrout?

For me it's the Yo-Zuri L Minnow jerkbait. I've caught thousands and thousands of trout on the L Minnow over the years. Years ago Yo-Zuri discontinued the L Minnow and I bought 6 cases of them. I'm finally down to my last case. Yo-Zuri has since brought them back into production.

The color that I prefer depends on the water clarity. For clear water, the chrome rainbow trout and for dirty water the regular rainbow trout color which has a lot of white in it. Both colors perfectly imitate a pilchard which trout love to eat.

The L Minnow is a slow sinker with a rattle in it. Cast it out and retrieve erratically with a lot of jerks and trout will destroy them. I always change the hooks out because the L Minnow is a freshwater lure and the hooks will straighten out with saltwater fish. Redfish, snook, and everything under the sun will eat the L Minnow. I've even caught bass and peacocks too!

The lure is so good that one time I had a guide motor over to me to ask me what lure I was using. I lowered the lure into the water to hide it and told him some kind of jerkbait

If you love catching seatrout, buy you a few. They are hard to find locally because they sell out so quickly at very select tackle shops. You may have to order them online.

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