Time to Upgrade?

Started by FlatsNBay, April 08, 2022, 07:05:33 AM

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When do you replace or upgrade a rod or reel?

For me, I try and buy the best that I can afford and then use my rod and reel until either is pretty much worn out. I'm brand loyal and often do a ton of research on a rod or reel before buying so I usually use them a long time.

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i tend not to upgrade.  buy the best i can afford... but not to the extent I'm looking for 'all' the bells and whistles.

have a long time love affair with curados... started with the old b-series...  now 3/4 of my curados are e-series...  with a couple SLXs added in last year or so.  try to stay in the $250 or less range.  Never quite wanted to step up to the $500 reels.
rods?  I keep my rod makes 'the same'.  currently Powell's for my casting.  shimano crucials for my spinning (boy wish they still made these!)  simple, simple, simple.

think about how you use the tool.  buy the best you can afford.  take care of them.  they last a very very long time. 

by the way, I upgraded from the old b-series to the e-series because of size.  and when I sold the old b-series, I sold them for what I had bought them for years earlier.  the right reels hold their value.


I tend to hold on to my stuff unless something comes along that impresses me enough to make a change.

If I do make a change I try to stay with that brand across the board but I will mix and match if a particular rod or reel is what I feel is best for a certain technique.

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Just finishing a YouTube video about this 1978 4600C... https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSVe7bajF0CwOXZtf32I63w   I'll be using it again this year. What's an UPGRADE???

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Replace?  No.  I don't sell.  Buy when the urge hits for a certain rod/reel.  Really want to add a Falcon Expert Head Turner and a Phenix Feather 7'1" ML to my arsenal.