DX795 vs 805 vs 746

Started by 78Staff, July 08, 2022, 06:33:42 AM

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Looking to add another flipping stick...  I know I can call Dobyns and ask, and likely will soon as I order from them directly anyway, but figured I would ask for some additional opinions...

Summer in Fl, seems like all we are doing right now is flipping/pitching.  I currently have a DX746 (bought originally as a co-angler trying to minimize rods, so it served as a Flipping/Jig/Frog/etc rod.).  Have since become a boater, so room for many more rods :) and added a DX795 as a dedicated flipping stick.  So currently, I usually have the 795 setup with 1 or 1.25 oz for general pitching and flipping use around lighter (for Florida) cover and matts, etc, and then the 746 takes over at 1.5 oz and up as a dedicated slop punching setup.

Anyway, wanting to add another flipping setup, can't decide if I should add another 795, or try the 805?  Anyone have both or all three and can compare?

I also have a Champ 736 I use for frogging in the slop - I guess I could press it into use also, but then I don't get the joy of buying a new rod  ~gf.

Mike Cork

I'm a 795 guy. The 8 foot rods are just too long and get cumbersome, especially if you're not used to them. I have fished 2 ounce weights in the thickets of mats here in Louisiana and have not had an issue with the DX 795. I actually like the tip action it provides just in case a bass blasts through the vegetation and gets on top before I'm ready, the rod will help me take up slack quickly. The DX 795 also has the backbone to handle that 6-8 pounder that heads to the bottom of the mat. I've got a lot of big punching bass to the 795's credit.

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I don't know of a better flippin/punching rod than the 795.  If you want to add a stick for that garden fishing, the Champion 766 Flip is a beast.  That's Gary's personal choice. 


DX795 is so versatile and such a sleeper rod. Thanks to Mike for putting me on it this past off season. Loving it so far.


Realized I never followed up on this - wound up holding off on adding another Flipping setup, as I have 2 now and can press the 736 into use if needed...  So went the other way and added a 743SF and 743C for the lighter stuff :).