What is your favorite casting rod for weightless Texas rigged senkos?

Started by Wolcy, May 09, 2022, 05:43:39 PM

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Tried the HP 743, XP 733, DRX 724 and the KD 713.  Curious if anyone uses the DRX 723.  I've watched and read a ton online.  Not interested in spinning gear because I don't have the control I want like I do with casting.  However, I have used spinning for skipping. 

I'll share some thoughts I have on the above rods later as I don't want to skew any answers:)



I throw them a country mile on my Fury 733C with 30 lb. braid and a Daiwa Tatula SV TW 103 reel.

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big g

Because of the thick weeds and pad fields always a M/H 7.0 rod with a bait caster reel, usually a Shimano or Lews, and 15 pound floro.  This is a must for getting them up and out once hooked.  If I give up 5 yards in distance casting, I don't care.  Nothing worse then feeling weight and movement and not getting them out.  Patience and constant line watching are the key.  Then once hooked, constant pressure until you get them up and on the surface. The few times they do get you wrapped or snagged give some slack and they usually swim out of the mess on their own.  I'm always fishing a jungle or close to it!
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Mike Cork

I have tried almost all those rods. I settled on the DX743, I say settled but I don't fish this style of bait much and this rods seems to do a great job. When it comes to the DRX rods I've only used the  724 in the 2 series, everything else is 75x rods and I love them. The 753 might make a great senko rod?

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Thanks for the feedback! 

Smallie:  The Champ 733 seems similar to what you experience with the Fury 733.  I also love the Daiwa SV reels.  Tat's to Steez!

Big g:  I agree in the thick stuff, no question.  I do the same.  On the Butler Chain I'm fishing more on the weed edges and drops so I can get away with a three power most of the time. 

Mike:  I was leaning on the 743 as well, however, I wanted to see if there was a good option that is a couple inches shorter so that it's a little easier to cast with one hand.  I am currently using the 724 and it is just a little too stiff, though not much.  I read a comment from you on another thread that people like the 724 for spinnerbaits and I can see why.  In my opinion the rod is a little more parabolic and loads a little lower than other four power models.  To me, it definitely has a little more play in the tip.  Thus my feeling it is only a little too stiff.  My fear in getting a 723/753 is if it/they have too much play in the tip even for more open water senko's/stick baits. 

Though senko's and flukes are not my top choice of baits they catch fish, especially here on the Butler Chain.  I will keep experimenting.  I always do.  That's why I have way too many Dobyn's rods.  Love them all!:).  This is beyond and addiction and these sales just feed it!!!


Dink Dawg

Like Mike, the Xtreme 743C.  I pitch the 5 and 6 inch on 14lb floro and it works well.


The DX743 is my favorite rod so far, so there is always two strapped to my deck.  For Fluke fishing, my favorite is a DC733,  but I do not use a senko on a regular basis.  I am trying to get into that more because it is such a good bait,  but I don't use it as much as I should.  With that said,  I use two rods primarily for this application,  the DC733 and a Sierra 703 spinning rod.  I use the casting setup to fish around docks and other structure,  but the spinning outfit works great for skipping and sight fishing in the shallows.

I know this is not much help,  but it is how I go about it so far.



I throw these on a Dobyns Fury 733.  reel is a Shimano MGL 150, which I believe is the more important part of the equation.  I can do the most gentle roll cast, forearm or backhand direction.  I can stand in my kayak, but my body acts like a wind-sail.  I move less when I am sitting down, hench the roll-cast.

it is my most prolific casting rig as far as putting bass into my lap, kayak fishing.  by a mile.