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Cross Lake 17 Sept 2022

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Mike Cork

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Singles Tournament. I fished the main lake all day except an hour that I spent in the woods without a bite. First thing I hit a bank line with some shallow cypress trees that has been producing and third cast I caught a 5.49. A few cast later I had another very good fish lack-lusterly swirl at a frog but just didn't take it (I checked back on this fish a couple times and no luck). Spent the next 4 hours without a bite, about 1 PM I started getting bites on docks and put two more keepers in the box and lost two at the boat. I set the hook on a very good fish that pulled enough drag to get way up under the dock and hang me up. I seen this fish flash and it was probably as big as the 5 #er I had in the box. Just a tough day for me. I had very few bites and simply couldn't connect.

Took 16 pounds to win. Second was 13. Third was 10.04 Forth was 10.02 I remember exactly because it was so close... I was at 9 something. Coulda Shoulda Woulda... If you can't bring a limit to the scales you can't complete.
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