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Cole Wayne -- 2021 Adopt A Family recipient Story & Update

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Cole's Story:     see below for an update-

Cole Wayne was laid down for bed after his nightly bottle. Once he fell asleep, acid reflux caused him to choke and aspirate. It took 22 minutes of CPR for baby Cole’s heart rate to return. The cardiac arrest caused a lack of oxygen to his brain. Baby Cole was transported to the local hospital while being bagged oxygen, after several hours of failing to breathe on his own, Cole had to be transferred to a hospital capable of infant intubating. Cole also started having seizures. These seizures lasted 45 minutes at times.

Twenty hours after the incident he was put in a medically induced coma with a heart rate averaging 200 bpm. CT scans showed significant brain swelling. Cole only had a ten percent chance of living due to his brain injuries. After another week of coma, a second CT scan showed significant brain damage. October 14th, doctors felt Cole’s breathing tube could be removed, however, he started having retracted breathing and he had to be reintubated.

Baby Cole was air lifted to Children’s Hospital New Orleans. A MRI showed significant brain damage and Cole was diagnosed with acquired severe Cerebral Palsy. An EEG test showed minimal brain wave activity. His Neurology team said he will probably not be able to walk, talk, see or be able to process things like the average person.

Cole was extubated on 5 November and had Tracheotomy surgery. During the surgery he also got a G-Tube for feeding. Hearing test show Cole can hear conversations, but his brain stems are damaged so he probably can’t process it correctly. He has an upcoming appointment in Houston with a pediatric Neuro Ophthalmologist to find out more about his vision. Currently baby Cole doesn’t follow with his eyes or show any reaction, but his eyes do dilate with light. He is still in the hospital and hopefully getting discharged soon. Cole has been in the hospital for over 70 days. Baby Cole has two sisters Maci (2) and Tinsley (3) who can’t wait to have their baby brother back home. Cole is the sweetest little boy and is loved by many!


Cole is doing much better. Now when I say that you have to understand that simple things like being able to swallow is a huge accomplishment for Cole. He receives an in home therapist 3 days a week to help him learn to swallow his own saliva, among many other things, which he does accomplish 3-5 times during therapy.

He was dealing with severe acid reflux and unfortunately in his condition he's unable to complain or show any signs of discomfort. Cole has to go to the doctor monthly and they put him through a tedious amount of tests to make sure all his organs are functioning properly. The medicine they put him on for his reflux caused an allergic reaction and they had to change it but finally have it under control.

Doctors are seeing improved brain function. Not only from the wires they hook up to him but because he can breathe on his own for a few minutes at a time, along with other functions improving. Unfortunately baby Cole is still have seizures many times a week and must be watched constantly so mom and dad take shifts to make sure he is a very loved baby. His two sisters are still giving him more love than any little brother in the world has ever got  ~c~ ~c~
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