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Has anyone any experience with the Colt Panfish Rod?  I always have a rod for panfish in the boat for when the bass bite slows down, so I can get a little action with bluegill or rockbass and occasionally get some largemouth or smallmouth bass on light tackle.  I usually have one of the rods I would get for my kids when they were little, I would buy a couple of cheap rods evey year which would usually wind wind up broken by the end of the year, and if anyone made it through the season I would use it for panfish.  The Sierras are a little bit over my budget, so I am interested in the Colt.  Any opinions?

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I haven't got one yet, but will be soon for dock shooting. Crappie fishing this time of year is very popular and this rod is highly sought after. So sorry, no personal experience, but everyone I've talked to with them loves them.
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