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Started by Mike Cork, November 16, 2022, 10:31:07 AM

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Mike Cork

Adopt A Family is a fundraising program that Ultimate Bass spearheads each holiday. A family is found, who without the help of this fundraiser, will certainly not have Christmas presents under the tree, but likely won't have much food on the table, and in some cases heat for the house. It's never hard to find a family in dire straits.

A couple of the most resent families that we've helped
The Ivie's
Baby Cole
Baby Remington

So where we need help. First go buy some raffle tickets for a chance to win some amazing prizes. There are two Dobyns Rods up for grabs and a Built to Your Specs custom rod with a $450 allowance  :-*
Fundraiser Prize List and how to buy tickets

Second, we have people posting things for sale in our classifieds that will donate all funds collected from these sales to the Adopt A Family Program.
Ultimate Bass Classifieds

Third, collect baits and fishing items you no longer use and sell them in the Classifieds and donate all or a portion of the money to the program. Shoot, buy tickets with the money you make :-*
Ultimate Bass Classifieds

Fishing is more than just a hobby

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