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Base pond 26 Nov 22

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It was almost 70 today(warmest in the last couple weeks) so went fishing!! Didn't catch a fish BUT I did see a bobcat!! First time ever seeing one in the wild. It must have been drinking at the pond and I may have been as close as 15' away. When I cranked up my truck to move he/she crept back across the dirt and went under a tree. I had my handheld rabbit in distress call on me so started wailing on it and the cat came out to look around!! Ended up getting only 20' or so from the truck as I had the opportunity to take a lot of pics. Which thank goodness I had brought my camera with me!

Red marks show where it was and how close it got!

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Rudy, that was pretty cool being able to call the cat out and snap a few pictures of it.
Tks for sharing the pictures with us.
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