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Anglers Inn Lake Picachos November 2022

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Pat Dilling

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My friend Wayne and I had a great 5 day trip to Picachos November 16-21.  Wayne and I caught about 300 fish in 4+ days.  We would hit pockets of fish, and then it would be slow for a while.  Wind, or lack of wind, was a major factor.  Even in the afternoon it did not come up like it has.  No real big fish, but plenty of decent ones that pulled very hard.  Wayne had our big fish at 5.22 caught on a big shad Bacca Burrito swimbait. I had a 4.84 on a whopper plopper, Wayne had a couple other good 4 pounders on a Berkley Dredger 14.5 chart/blue.  We caught a lot of fish on chrome/blue rattle traps and square bills.  Low light bluegill worked well, then chart/blue when it was lighter. Many of those were right on the bank and would hit on the first crank or 2.  Casting accuracy really helped.  We also fished rocky off shore humps and rocky points with 10" power worms on wobble heads and Carolina rig 8" lizards. Deeper cranks also.  Quite a few fish in the 3+ range doing that.  A couple other guys did well with flukes with a leader and swivel in front of them.  As usual the service, facilities and food at Anglers Inn were outstanding.  And our guide Diablo was his usual fun and knowledgeable self.  This was the third time I have fished with him.  Novemebr is a fun time to go down there.  The lake was full and there were only a few people at the lodge.  One aggravation was the tilapia nets, but we were able to work around them ok ond only snagged one a couple times.  I know the net schedule now and will plan accordingly for any future trips.  My Wife and I are heading back to El Salto in May.  She is already excited.
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Sounds like an AWESUM trip!! 300 bass!!!!!
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big g

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WTG, doesn’t get much better then that for numbers!
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Capt. BassinLou

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Nice ones! Congrats!