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Cross Lake 6 Jan 23

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Mike Cork

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Launched the boat about 8 ish and was surprised to see the water temp above 50. After my recent trip to Caddo and 39 I figured I'd be looking at upper 40's because of the 8-10 inches of warmer rain... None the less...

Headed to the woods, and as expected north south, it didn't matter the water was at about 3 inches visibility. I fished blades, chatter baits, and jigs with zero bites. I know these fish are here, just not ready to eat...

Moved out to the lake and fished some docks. Using live scope, you can see all kinds of fish under the docks. Big fish, little fish, fish that make other fish run... but I only had two bites on a jig and boated one about a pound and a half.

I put in some serious hours for minimal bites but it was great to be out.
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Yeah I figured cross would be same temp as caddo. Cool you got to play with the livescope!!
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