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'Secret' numbers

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I'll admit that I think twice before I disclose my personal phone number. I don't want people calling and disrupting my precious private time.

But I don't understand why some companies make their telephone number difficult to find. I suppose it is cheaper to rely on the Internet or e-mail for communication. But I think that's bad customer service.

That's why today's Cool Site, Hard to Find 800 Numbers, is so great. It lists the "secret" 800 numbers for companies, along with notes on each one.

from komando


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Thanks for the info spetro  ~c~ ~c~

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Very  8)  Thanks Spetro.
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Thanks for the info. Spetro. The ones for ebay and paypal will come in handy. I've got the one for paypal, but can never find it. I just put the whole list in my favorites. I'm old and a chronic bitcher,    ~xyz  so I'm sure some of them will come in handy.