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Started by FlatsNBay, April 21, 2023, 08:39:54 PM

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Looking to replace my Powell Inferno 702 spinning rod that I broke. I used to love that rod but the model that I had isn't made any longer. I am considering Dobyns Fury or Savy Series. I'm on a budget so I couldn't go any more expensive. It would be an all-around medium light outfit (10 lb. braid with an 8 lb. FC leader) used primarily for drop shot, ned rig, small texas rig finesse worms, small 3" jerkbaits and various other small baits. I know that Dobyns and Powell are very similar, and I heard that they used to be partners, so I am considering replacing with a Dobyns. My concern is most of the Dobyns that I picked up were much lighter in action than I expected compared to other rods. Which rod and model would you recommend as a good do it all rod for the techniques that I mentioned? I'd like to stay close to 7'. Thanks!


I haven't tried any Fury spinning rods yet, but I have a Kaden 713 spinning rod and love it for weightless or light T-rigs, shaky heads, flukes, etc. Not much difference in price between the Kaden and Fury lineup, if I remember correctly.


That's a bummer.  I bought the last 3 of the Powell Inferno 704 spinners they had at Sheltons a few years back.  Great rod for $70 shipped.  I still have 2 of them and they work well for what I do with them...

Dink Dawg

Whatever series you choose, with the requirements you listed, go with a 3 power. I too have a Kaden 713SF and it's a very nice rod.


Quote from: Dink Dawg on April 22, 2023, 12:52:26 AM
Whatever series you choose, with the requirements you listed, go with a 3 power. I too have a Kaden 713SF and it's a very nice rod.
I highly recommend the Kaden series as well. I have the KD712SF that I use for Ned rigs and shakey head rigs. I also use it for drop shot with light wire straight shank Roboworm Rebarb hooks (Gamakatsu), but if you fish standard EWG hooks I'd suggest a 3 power (KD713SF) as mentioned above.

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D.W. Verts

I have a Dobyns 702 in both the Fury and the Sierra. Great rods, with plenty of backbone. I dig 'em both.

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Sierra 703 SF would be my first choice.

Because of the trebles on the jerkbait I would go with the Sierra series to help keep the fish pinned a little better. And because t-rigged plastics require you to drive the hook through the plastic I would go with Gary's rule and use a 3 power.

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