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Started by Beagle, August 25, 2023, 01:53:21 PM

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Thought I would share one of my new found fishing hacks. I love fishing as a co-angler in the back of the boat. Especially since my injury, whenever I'm able to go again, it's going to have to be with someone for awhile. I'm always struggling with my tackle. I hate tackle bags because the sides always fall down and stay in the way. Also, it's a pain in the butt getting everything back in one at the end of a trip. And you lose stuff in a bag.
Well, recently I was at Wally World and found these tool bags/carriers. (Under $20) They hold up to 5 boxes of lures and hooks. Great thing about these, there are pockets and holders EVERYWHERE. If you look close, inside on the left, it even has a place for my fishing pliers. Man, I have elec hook sharpener, a stringer, split ring pliers, son glasses w/case, knife, and a whole lot more in this bad boy. I even put one of my pew-pew slings on here to haul it on my shoulder. Just thought this idea might help some of my buddies.


BTW, there are pockets like these on the other side also. They are pretty large. I am going to use one to put lures in as I cut them off during the day.

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Yep, I use these for my pond/kayak stuff, and even for my fur bearer trapping bag. I get 'em at Harbor Freight.

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Great idea. Thanks for sharing!



Looks like a nifty way to store gear, I'm sure somebody will use the system, thanks for sharing.

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Tks for sharing.  Looks functional and easy to carry around.
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That is a great idea.  Never thought of that before.