today, i suffered my first real skunk of the year. wah!!

Started by Hobious, September 09, 2023, 06:41:14 PM

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BRUTAL!  i fished clearlake, and by the end of day, i was whipping the tiniest finesse worm into the weeds looking for ANY bite to dodge my first skunk.  NOPE!!  i tucked my tail and headed in.  my wife wanted me home so we could get a late lunch together.  ("yes honey").

if i had a Ned-Rig, believe me when i say i would have casted that thing wildly about. 

on the way home, i visited a local bait shop.  it is on my way.  i was looking for a particular hook, i knew they were not going to have in inventory.  i wanted to ask, "where are the fish?".

"in the rocks".  rocks???  my grass patches were empty.  they shop guy got 12 before his work shift.  in the rocks. 

BOO!  boooooo!!  i am tempted to go back tomorrow, and launch somewhere else.  somewhere with rock banks.  but no.  i have stuff to do.  :D 

still had a great time.