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Started by Bud Kennedy, September 15, 2023, 11:50:30 AM

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Bud Kennedy

It has been over three months but today it followed me home.  Good to have her here and she is currently on the charger.  Plan on starting the clean up this afternoon.  It is dusty dirty just from sitting in the storage lot for all this time.  The river is still high but is expected to drop below flood stage by tomorrow.  Wife is excited and ready to take the old Ranger for a run on the river.


Looking good

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Headed for the Lake

D.W. Verts

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Bud Kennedy

Bud Kennedy


Donald Garner

She's still a pretty looking there buddy  ~shade
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Glad she finally made the trip home. Hope you and the Mrs. have a successful outing!

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The 362 was a great Ranger model. That boat will still be running 20 years from now...EPA willing. I hope you took the crappie oiler system out of the Fast Strike.


Bud Kennedy

Wizard, still have the VRO hooked up and it is working well.  I do keep a close eye on it however but so far so good.  FYI, my boat model is 365V  it is a dual console but as you know all the 360 series are pretty much the same except for layout.  My boat does have a small aux tank as well.  I don't know if all the 360 series has them or not.  It is only about 5 gallons and have only used it one time.  Those old fast strikes love to suck up the fuel.

D.W. Verts

The deal with the VRO, if folks don't know, is this-

The VRO pump is run with a rubber diaphragm. It flexes back and forth to pump oil according to (mainly) engine speed. The problem is that the diaphragm gets weak over time. It rarely fails- it just pumps a little less and less oil, and in the long run, well, you can guess what THAT does. And it will never set off a low oil level alarm as this happens.

Other things that affect the pump are bad gas (read: ETHANOL) and TIME. Lack of use is a killer on these kinds of components. Water pumps can be the same way.

Anyway, the VRO system was pretty flawed. However a ton of OMC engines have lived (survived) a lot of years with them anyway.

We used to replace them regularly, or kill the entire system. You'd think that would be an easy fix, but the VRO system did not just deliver a constant 50:1 mix of gas & oil. So get rid of it, pre-mix your fuel at 50:1, and many times you'd end up with a rich-running and plug-fowling monster, unless you were a WOT kind of guy.

I'll give the modern 4S motors the nod- it sure fixes a lot of issues, and with the current performance levels of the modern 4S engines, the older 2S technology truly is a dinosaur. I would have have bet against this twenty years ago.

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Those older rigs are pure class, I'd rather look at most of them than the new ones. Good job keeping it looking great Bud.
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Mike Cork

Great looking Ranger, I'm always impressed when you roll her out... Love the sound of a 2 stoke outboard on the hose. I hook mine up acesionally just to impress the kids in the neighborhood LOL

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I remember as a kid, Ranger was always my dream boat. Looks good Bud.


Beautiful boat Bud, Ranger was always my dream boat as well.
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Damn, that must be nice! The only thing that ever follows me are cops and bill collectors...

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Nice looking rig.  Enjoy the river ride.
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