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Started by bobhuberman, November 07, 2023, 06:46:07 AM

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I recently bought a Lowrance Active Target 2 and had it installed by the dealer.  When I arrive to pick up my boat, I was told the unit's mount which fastens to the trolling motor shaft was broken in the box but another one was found and put on.  When I arrive back home, I looked at the transducer and saw that the mounting bracket was broken; all four bolts had broken from the mount.  Back to the dealer.  An Active Target 1 mount was found and used to mount the transducer in the Scout position.  Two days later I put the boat in the water and started trying to use the sonar.  All seemed fine until I discovered one of the bolts on the bracket had come loose.  I didn't have a tool to retighten it until I got home.  That's when I discovered that the bolt wasn't loose it had broken the plastic holder just like before.  Anyone else have problems with broken Active Target mounts?  I have to call the dealer this morning to see if they can replace this mount.  If so, it will be the fourth one.


Wow, sorry to hear you are having so many problems with that mount!  Hopefully it gets replaced correctly and will be trouble free in the future...

Mike Cork

Lowrance should take care of this with a phone call, especially if the dealer is an authorized Lowrance installer.

Sounds like they over tightened everything which is a big warning in all the forward facing sonar equipment across the manufactures. Hopefully they didn't zip tie your transducer cable, they're supposed to use electrical take to mount it to the trolling motor shaft.

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