Hank Parker Signs With XZone Lures

Started by Smallie_Stalker, November 14, 2023, 04:51:23 PM

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I have been at this fishing thing a LONG time and for as long as I can remember one of my heroes, Hank Parker has been a Berklee Power Bait user.

Well today I got an email saying he has signed with XZone Lures. If you are familiar with Jim Van Ryn of XZone and Rod Glove fame then you will know that he and Hank share many of the same values when it comes to product, work ethic and life in general.

Seems like it will be a positive move for both parties. Personally I'm looking forward to see what comes of this new partnership.

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I agree with your statement 100%, Smallie, but dang! Hank's been with Berkley a long time! I have to wonder who made that decision???
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Mike Cork

Things change but long partnerships like that normally don't? I would be curious to know why.

But on the flip,

Heck Ya! Jim Van Ryan has been at the fishing industry game a long time and knows what it takes to provide a great product that anglers want. Awesome to have Hank on the team.

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From what I've read, Pure Fishing has been going through some internal changes, and Berkley has been dealing with some debt that might be part of this change for Hank Parker.

Berkley is certainly a good brand, has been around a long time, and has same excellent products, but these large groups that buy up companies are more interested in that bottom line, and if this has been a cost cutting issue, it makes sense.

I'm speculating, but we all know that there is the business side to the sport, and frankly with the state of the economy we have now, we may see this with other pro anglers as well.

Hank Parker is my all time favorite pro bass angler, and I'm sure he'll do well for whatever business he may be associated with.  ~c~
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I see Hank is selling his classic spinnerbait through his own web page now.