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Started by Eric-Maine, November 26, 2023, 04:10:41 PM

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So not ready for winter

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D.W. Verts

We had a dusting here last night. Makes for better fishin'.

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Tis the season.  The only thing that doesn't hold up on me anymore is my hands.  They just don't do well in the cold like they did when I was younger.
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Mike Cork

ewww... what is all that all over the place?

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Looks Beautiful

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Headed for the Lake


Yup, we have snow blowing around at 27° and winds peaking out the SW @ 21mph. :( About the only thing to do is clean reels and play on the radio.
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love it.  love it way over there!

my fellow drivers would kill each other on our roads with a fraction of that stuff.  hahhah


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Nothing sad about it, it's a big help in keeping the population of the fish up. (Ask a fish biologist about it.) As far as how people drive, stupid is as stupid does, thank you Gump.

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considered renting a place to spend Christmas in the snow. 

I might be late for the party.   I like snow.  miss it. 


Quote from: Hobious on December 03, 2023, 08:50:57 AMconsidered renting a place to spend Christmas in the snow. 

I might be late for the party.   I like snow.  miss it.
At least it hides my yard work. This is this morning.

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Donald Garner

Y'all can have all that White Stuff.  I don't miss it one bit ~shade
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