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Need help with Colorado fishing on vacation!

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 :help: I hope someone here can help me. My husband and I are a lifetime bass/ocean fisherman(woman). We're going to be with our young kids in Colorado week after next. We'll be all over eastern Colorado. My kids are novice fishermen... and that's probably exaggerating. Is there any place that is geared toward families or kids? A place we can fish for half a day. We won't have our equipment with us either, so we'll have to rent it. We don't have a clue how to fly fish and that is all I can find. I also don't want to rent a boat with my kids. (Imagine 10 trips to shore to use the bathroom!!!)  v~
A lodge type place or some place with a dock to fish off of. Even a touristy place. And we don't care about how great the fishing is there, just hopefully good enough for the kids to catch a few small ones.

Any help/suggestions will be greatly appreciated!  :-X

Thanks in advance,


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Sorry no one responded to your distress signal! I don't know if our state members even know that this link even exsists. In the future, you might have to get a hold of our federation president directly from our state federation page. Once again, sorry about that!
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