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Started by AJ, July 23, 2006, 09:46:35 PM

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Ok big problem I have a fishing buddy that left his sons pole in the back of my truck after a late nite.  The next day after I got off work I had the boys take it out and put it in the boat. Now a week later we take it back out of the boat for some late nite fishing and when he went to restring his sons pole he noticed that the shaft was broke.  It was not snapped in half but was broke none the less.  HELP SOS how do we fix it????

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Hey ho_shi, what kind of rod was it? fixing a rod that has been broken can be a pain in the neck. where was it broken, was it graphite or fiberglass? there isn't any glue that I know of that'll fix a rod that has been broken except for the tip top. let me know and I'll do my best to help ya. It may be a simple fix.



It sounds like perhaps something was set down on the rod and the blank was crushed.   :shocking:

If the rod blank itself is broken, there really is no simple fix.  In order to make a repair, what would have to be done is to "sleeve" the rod.  This can be done internally or externally, using another section of rod blank.   

Either way, it's going to have an effect on the action of the rod.  Probably the best would be to replace the rod.   :surrender:

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its a Berkley cherrywood graphite rod.   like i said its not broken in two it is just broken in half lengthwise and yes i think that something might have been set on it.  does anyone have any ideas on how to protect a rod reel combo in the truck>?>? maybe a PVC case or something cheap and easy? has anyone done this before i have been thinking on how to do this.  the other problem that we have is we use treble hooks a lot with a weight below it and when we take all 6 rods out they seem to always get into a tangled up mess.  i have thought about making a releasable rod holder that i can mount a base in my truck bed on the side rail and put all the rods in it but have someway to unlatch it and take to water.  if and when i decide to do this i will let ya'll know how it goes and works


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Yep, looks like you going to need a new rod. They make rod protectors at resonable prices. Just check out some of your local retailers or look online.
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steve Huber is probably right on the money. repairinga rod with splice can be done, but the action is affected. just easier to replace the rod.IMHO. you might use the handle side for a pan fish rod.:)
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was moving it out of the boat and it fell in two so i guess will have replace it and like was mentioned make a shorter rod
thanks for the help