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When Will My Prize Be Shipped?

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If you win a prize in the monthly tackle giveaway you must first send me (laurie@ultimatebass.com) your:

1. first and last name
2. mailing address
3. username here on the forum

I ship out prizes once a month either on the Thursday or Friday after the Drawing (first Tuesday of every month).

If I do not have your address I will "usually" send out an email congratulating you and requesting your mailing address. I include a deadline for that mailing in the email (example: 11:00am Thursday). Ultimately it is your responsability to get your address to me ;)

Once I have your address it is saved under your username and kept on file. If it chages it is your responsability to let me know so that your packages are sent to the right address.

If for whatever reason I do not have your mailing address on the date the packages are to be shipped out your package will be placed on hold until the following month's contest mailing provided I have your address.

If I do not get your address for the second mailing the prize that you won is recycled into the tackle giveaway (no exceptions).

For record keeping purposes I keep a record of who has won what and when along with their name and address. Ultimate Bass does not share or sell your address, name or any personal information that we may collect about you.


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Well these guidelines have changed.
Please send your mailing address to mike@ultimatebass.com

Contests are now weekly and I will do mailing twice a month. If you are a winner and I don't get your mailing address before I go to the post office, your prize will hold over to the next shipment.

Prizes go out standard US Postal so it can take up 4-5 days to reach you after it's mailed.

If you win a prize from a company that offers an online service or drop ships directly to you, we will give your information to that company and they will contact you.

Please be patient as our sponsors are supporting our community while trying to run there business as well. Sometimes it can take a couple weeks to get your prize.

If after 21 days you have not received your prize please contact me at the above email address, give your user name, given name and the prize you won and I will expedite your prize.

Thank you
Mike Cork
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