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Started by BassBUFF, October 19, 2006, 01:15:28 PM

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Great job guys,
I found this site last week because I am building an organizer for my 2004 Tracker. :)
I notice that both of your lockers are very long, (exposing about 4' feet of rod) before they go under the bow, and they are about the same width front to back.
My problems with the port locker were: ~xyz
1 The locker is only about 2 1/2' long before it enters the bow.
2 At the handle end the locker is 16" wide at the top and 12" bottom
3 THEN...where the tip enters under the bow the opening is 8" top and 4 1/2 bottom
4 Under the bow, the trough that would hold rods runs from port side toward center
My current template has three tubes on the top right, then two levels of two tubes below on the right, and about 3" of open space at the bottom.  That allows me space to get my light pole inside too.
I cannot get my spinning gear in because I need more clearance for the 2nd to last eyelets, they do not fit in the tube,  plus I really have to bend the rods to get them into the lower tubes.  I'm thinking of removing the bottom two tubes and merging them into a horizontal slot, and getting some rod sleeves.
Any and all ideas appreciated :-*
Once again...well done guys



My front one has three holes in it I can not use due to the shape of the rod box but the molds is the same size except the back is taller but it is smaller in diameter but the front will fit the back I put 12 holes in the organizer and only can use 9 of them. 3 of them is out of site and rods won't line up with the back peice but better than what I had which was nothing and all my poles ended up in a mess now there not.


 ~c~ :-*  Great idea.  Thanks for sharing.  I'm redoing some of the plywood in my boat this winter and i might steel some of your ideas here.


For those of you using the golf club tube.  Per my previous post, I could not get my spinning rods (second to last big eyelets) into the tube.  My rod locker is short.
Last night while looking at how much I had to gain to get in some of the rods, a light went on...duh  :-*.  Because there is a metal ring under the flange, I was able to squeeze it into an oval and gain enough to fit several spinning rods.  ;D
Now I need to see how they fit under the bow.
Hope someone finds this useful



Good job keep that brain a working and give us more ideas.

Eric L.

I saw someone asking about a rodbox organizer and i remembered this post, so i'm bumping it back to circulation.


Great idea.  For those of you who don't want to work as hard you can still use the golf tubes but they also sell spacers for the golf tubes ( next to where they sell the golf tubes ) that you can attach them together and put them in your rod compartment.  It's not as nice has the one from above but its cheaper and almost no labor involved.


Im reading an old post from 2006 on rod storage and couldnt find a place to hit the pictures you had taken . Would you still happen to have them to re post as it sounds workable for me. If not thanks anyway