leaders for viscious pickerel

Started by SenkoSam, July 02, 2004, 09:50:31 AM

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My lake has quite a few large pickerel with sharp teeth. I went to Gander Mountain and got some salt water leader wire in .020
See the pic for the easy-to-make short leaders that allows hook changes. I use it for any lure that picks hit.

The other thing I do when picks are prowling in my favorite bass spots is to use a good brand of braid leader (about 2')in about 30-50 # test. The thousand or so fibers are hard for the picks or northerns to slice through and I only have to retie after 4 or so picks.



That's a great tip, but, for the most part the pike aren't biting through your line...what they're doing is catching your line on the sharp edge of their gill plate...of course, if you're using heavier lines their teeth just might make a connection to your line...normally when I catch pike in the 10-12 pound range which really isn't a big pike, I'm fishing with my ultralite for walleye or crappies with 2 or 4 pound test line and if the water is clear, I simply make sure they don't turn and catch my line on their gill plate so I can land em.

Poached pike tastes great!