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Started by Mike Cork, January 18, 2007, 12:25:40 PM

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Mike Cork

If you are an active and current Product Sponsor of the Ultimate Bass Forums you may:

Run Contest on Ultimate Bass Forums:
All contests will have to be approved by administration and the winners forwarded for accountability. We must protect the interest of the members while still trying to support the sponsors of the site trying to advertise their products or services. This has proven to be a delicate balancing act. In the past some contest winners did not receive their winning prize, and this instantly becomes a matter for Ultimate Bass Staff to handle. When we receive a complaint it is very difficult to deal with when we didn't even know the contest was going on.

Contests will be limited to one a week, only in the Sponsor Connection and/or Charter Member Forum, and the contest has to be approved by your current sponsor/advertiser Point of Contact (FD).

Once a contest has run, a list of the winners will be forwarded to your POC along with the date that the product was sent. I realize that you have no control over the delivery service of choice and their effectiveness, however it is strongly advised to use the carriers tracking services when shipping prizes.

Advertising Specials in "Dock Talk":
Sponsors are allowed to advertise specials (example - 10% discount for orders this week) or creatively market their products in the Dock Talk forum only once a week.  Contests will only be allowed in the Sponsor Connection and Charter Member Forum, however a creative advertisement in the Dock Talk Forum only could be -- a notice of the contest you are running in the Sponsor Connection or Charter Member Forum and placing a link to the contest thread. Discussing your field staff and their accomplishments would fall into your once a week advertising in Dock Talk. (However this kind of discussion is welcomed in the Sponsor Connection forum at your discression)

If you have any questions, contact your POC for clarification.

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