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Best Grease For Baitcasters???

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I have two baitcasters (a Calcutta 150 and a TD-X 103HSD) and take extremely good care of them. I use two brands of grease and oil (Reel Saver and Hot Sauce) on them with great results. The TD-X has a dry drag system and for the Calcutta I use Shimano's recommended drag grease. Would you recommend using it on gears as well or just the drag system? What is the best oil/grease you've found for the best overall performance (castability/longevity)? Thanks for any info!


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well, here is what we use in our shop. On drag washers, the shimano drag grease.
On gears like the drive gear for instance, we use super lube grease. It has a great temp rating for exteme cold and hot. will not jell up in cold or melt in heat.
On the bearings, we use Yellow rocket oil. I have found thru the years, that this product is the best for all around performance and longevity. We purchase it from england.
Hot sauce is not used in our shop unless requested by angler and we document request as well. IMHO. the hot sauce is like a rust inhibitor. It  makes a molecular bond with metal. If we want to prevent corrosion, we use a product Called Reel X and wipe down parts and a reel is there is a concern for corrosion.
I'm not saying quantum hot sauce is bad, I just don't use it in my shop. The products I use have enabled my shop to be so successful. I do thank you for inquiry and if I can be of further help, please ask, that is what I like to do. Help anglers learn more about their tackle. conniek

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Thanks for the fast reply and good info. Do you have any experience with Reel Saver products? I know there are several good products available, but some do seem to work better than others. It just seems like there's not 1 single product that can perform well in all areas. You mentioned Rocket Fuel and I've read alot of good things about it. Maybe I'll give it a try. Thanks again!