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What Do You Think Of A Calcutta???

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I know there are alot of guys that really love their Curados, but what do you guys think of the Calcutta series? I really never liked Shimano products until I bought my Calcutta 150. I really don't think there could be a better built reel available. Any thoughts would be appreciated!


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well, I think it is a personal preference and application. The Calcuttas are nearly indestructable. Personally, I like a low profile reel as other anglers do also. If you like a round reel, calcuttas are your best bet. Of course, the larger the calcutta the heavier, but overall, casting all day with a calcutta does'nt make you a tired angler at end of day. If you have a chance, go to a sporting goods store and if they have reels on rod sticks, try the reel, see how it feels in your hand. comfortability of a reel is very important and confidence comes into play. Just like when you buy a new truck, you know when you find the right one. The calcuttas are great and you surely will not go wrong with them. If you like the larger round reels, then go for it. conniek
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Thanks for the reply. I also like a low profile reel because of the comfort factor and it feels more natural. I also have a Daiwa TD-X, which is considered by some to be a hybrid reel, part round reel/part low profile. Like you I have really never liked the bulk of a round reel, but I do like the construction of the Calcutta. Like you said, it seems to be indestructable. Even with a low bearing count, 2+1, it's still silky smooth, which of course is due to great engineering. Later!