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Ball Bearings Info!!!

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I know alot of people that clean and service reels recommend upgrading the existing bearings with higher grade bearings, or even ceramics. Do you think it's worth the extra cost? One modification that I make to my reels is that I remove the shields and clips on the spool bearings. I maintain my reels very well and never have any problems with water or dirt contaminating the bearings. It also makes them much easier to clean and re-lube. It does help to free them up a bit as well. Later!


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Shadow, upgrading bearings does help with casting distance especially the ceramics. However, IMHO, the most important thing is the care and maint of thestock bearings in your reels. The stock bearings are ABEC 3 and the upgrades are ABEC 7(the higher the numer, the tighter the tolerance, therefore a tad bit better bearing) We have seen reels come nto shop flooded with oil or grease or both. too much is not good and prohibits the internal balls from going round raceway, they get bogged down in the sludge. The ceramics do improve casting distance and the ceramic balls inside will outlast the raceway. If by chance, you purchase any ceramics, be sure they are ABEC 7 and have a marking on outside such as CB or C. The ceramics are pricey and if I were you I would ask for a inspection slip or something to re-assure you they are what you are buying and be sure to purchase dry.
anyway, you are brave, I would be afraid to remove anything from the closed bearings. Shimanio has come out with a new anti-rust open faced bearings and they look really good. I do not know the rating on them, I'm guessing a 5.
good question,hope i've answered it ok, i know lots of good anglers on here will be helpful also. conniek 
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Thanks again for a fast reply. I don't know if I'll ever buy any ceramics, but I do agree with you on the subject of proper maintenance of the stock bearings. I haven't tried anything other than stock bearings and was curious if they'd really make a difference. I removed the shields because I'm sure it will free them up a bit and both bearings stay dry where they're located. I currently use Hot Sauce oil in them because the red dye gives me an indication of when it's time to add more. So far it's worked great. I do take exceptional care of my reels. My reels don't stay wet or dirty for long. After each use I wipe them down, make sure everything is dry and add lubricants if necessary. I'm the type of person that's always looking for that extra bit of performance. Later!