Ohio Division II sponsor proposal.

Started by Jerry Holston Jr, February 03, 2007, 03:59:11 PM

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Jerry Holston Jr

Ohio Division II
Bass Anglers Invitational Trail
Jerry L Holston Jr

Get your company and product noticed in 2007.

We already know that fishing is a multibillion dollar industry.   So let's use it to make your business a success, increase your sales and market share.

The question is how can we market your product, increase your market share and drive up your sells. 

With our passion, determination, honesty, and drive, we will help you get your product noticed. 

Not only by tournament anglers but by every person at the lake on tournament day, practice day and just a day on the lake, opening your market up to those in the tournaments and those just watching.

Tournament anglers account for a great deal of your business and we can provide that but there are millions of boaters and fisherman that visit the lake everyday that we will also introduce your product to.

With your business banner flying high at all our events and our promotion of your product your market shares will grow.  We will work hard for you. 

Your logos will be on our vehicles, boats, flyers, websites, shirts and business cards.   I visit many websites were your business will be brought up and talked about reaching a large market of consumers. 

I drive over 100 miles a day on a heavily traveled interstate were your logos on our vehicles will be viewed by all travelers.  I spend at least 5 days a week on the lake were your information will be passed to anglers and boaters.

We are here for you to provide you with word of mouth, directly to your potential buyer.  Word of mouth is a powerful tool people will hear about your product at our tournament events and hear the testimonials. 

We will photo our weigh-ins in front of your banner logo's and post the pictures on our website as well as in fishing forums and send to you. 

And to really get the word out we will have a booth at the Columbus Travel, Sports and Boat show in 2008

The options are truly endless.  We will sell your product.  Because we believe in your product. 

Jerry L Holston Jr
Director, Ohio Division II of Bass Anglers Invitational Trail
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