***This is a Tackle making Forum only!!!***

Started by T1A, February 16, 2007, 07:39:45 PM

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This is a bait making forum.  All questions dealing with techniques  etc will be moved to the appropriate forum without notice!

Ron Fogelson

Guys/Gals questions are always welcome we know you all are not trying to ruffle any feathers, so if a better explanation is needed please just ask. 

The bottom line is we do not offer a place to trade or purchase products other then the Sponsor Connection, as has been stated before in other threads and topics they pay for that right. 

As far as sharing new ideas, creations, or asking for advise this is the place to do that, but it is not a place to show case items for sale.  The biggest issue is when a member shows something off and states they are for sale; that is a direct violation of the rules.  Even if they correct that post and remove the sales pitch members here now know they are for sale.  Then it becomes a way to advertise for free with each post that is made showing off something new.

We know that members might like something they see posted in this section of Ultimatebass.com and they may want to buy a few of them.  However we can not tell you that is ok, because it can then become a way for any home based, small/large company to advertise under the radar and it would be in direct competition for our paying site sponsors.

This is not to single out any one member here I'm just offering a reminder of our rules and of the site staffs responsibility to protect our sponsors.  The "Tackle Box" area was created to offer a place to learn and show off home made items. We all know the joy for hooking a bass and how it can be very rewording to be able to do that on something you made from scratch.  Please keep that in mind before telling folks anything here is/are for sale or asking the creators how/where to buy them.  That was never the intention for us building this part of the site and those type of posts will be removed in the future.

Thank you