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Roosevelt Lake Bass Fishing Report 03/13/07

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The lake is 61-percent full at elevation 2,117 feet. The Salt River  was flowing at 280 cfs Tuesday morning and Tonto Creek was at 40 cfs. This could be the beginning of what snowmelt we will get. A report from SRP says the lake will rise 9-11 feet by May with the current snowpack. Largemouth bass fishing may bust loose soon. High pressure and warm days will start to get those lethargic bass active. Dropshotting and wired worms are the baits of choice.
Fishing for smallmouth bass has been good lately; especially on windy days. Try areas where waves are stirring up the rocky shoreline. Use inline spinners and crayfish imitations (especially off rocky points and cliff walls) and live night crawlers. Remember, the slot is in place for smallmouth as well. Note: Anglers are reminded of the slot bass size limit that remains in effect at Roosevelt. Bass between 13 to 16 inches must be released immediately. Also, those bass below 13 inches and above 16 inches that are kept can only be gutted with the head and tail attached so the legal length can be determined.

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