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Non Boater Questions

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Just joined the club in Feb. and have a few questions. Figured this would be a good place to start. How do I get matched up with a Boater for weekend tournys? Is posting a page here a viable source for that? How many rods and how much tackle am I allowed as a non boater? Do I need to supply my own life jacket? Do I have to have any special clothing, pants, shirts,hats?
  I am really excited about this fishing season. Do I need to start looking for a partner now for June? If so I'm posting the fact that I'm a Non Boater looking for a Boater for the weekend of June 9-10, Box Butte Neb and June 23-24 for Red Willow, Neb. For these weekends do we leave on Thursday or Friday? Does the Club arrange for lodging or are we on our own?
  Just a start, having never done this before. any response will be very appreciated.
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