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Alamo Lake Bass Fishing Report 05/17/07

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This is a fishing hot spot for bass. Report courtesy Mark Knapp, Alamo Lake State Park. Anglers have reported a decent topwater bite going in the mornings. Try throwing a Zara Puppy or a chugger right up in the brush and working it back to the boat.   Throw the  bait into the intended target zone and let it sit there until the ripples of water go away. This gives the fish a good chance to look at it. Then work it slowly, stop it, and repeat this process. Try to stay as close to stickups and cover as possible. Once a bass hits your bait, let your rod tip down for a second then set the hook. I know it sounds crazy but it is possible to miss a fish even with two sets of treble hooks hanging from a lure. One angler reported that he did well tossing training wheels ( spinnerbaits) all day today. A double-bladed exterminator with a  blue/white skirt in shallow water was the hot ticket for him. He did go on to say that as the day warmed up he just worked the spinnerbait in deeper water, and continued catching bass. He hit one fish going over 4 pounds.

Once again, it’s hard to go wrong working plastics in 20 foot of water. Motor oil and watermelon colors work great on this lake. Bigger bass are being caught in the upper end of the lake using Senkos.



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If I was back home I would be fishing now!
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