Launch Ramp Board Guidelines - Please Read!

Started by MotherNature, April 02, 2005, 06:21:55 PM

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Launch Ramp Board Guidelines:

There are three areas of the Launch Ramp. All designed to accomplish one thing, bring sponsors together with anglers that are willing to work toward a common goal.

To accomplish this we have created  some areas (described below) for you post in. Any posts that do not follow the rules will be deleted without notice.

Bass Fishing Resume:
  • This area is for bios and resumes only.
  • Please do not reply to anyone else's thread.
  • General discussion can be found in Sponsor Talk and The Chop Shop.

Sponsor Talk:
  • General Discussion is encouraged here
  • Feel free to post your Pro Staff Requests here
  • Advertising your products is not allowed in this area

The Chop Shop:
  • General Discussion is encouraged here
  • If you have a resume listed in the "Bass Fishing Resume" board you may request that it be reviewed
  • If you feel you have constructive advice to offer someone about their resume you may offer it but please keep your comments as constructive as possible.

Please refer to the boards above to post. All replies should be directed to the board that is appropriate. If you have questions about this area please feel free to send me a PM and I will be glad to answer any questions you might have.

To view the boards above: Click Here!

At All Times:

  • Keep all commentary civil, and be courteous at all times. Constructive criticism is welcome, but insults directed towards other users or the site admins will not be tolerated. Coarse/insulting language will not be tolerated. Any post in any of the forums that have a racial tone or undertone of any sort will be immediately removed.
  • No commercial advertising is permitted. Any posts deemed to be self promotion, advertising, or spam can and will be removed. NO SPAM - NO ADVERTISING This is not the place to settle a commercial disagreement or to be a 'wall of shame'. Any posts deemed to be of this nature will be removed. Settle your disputes in private please.
  • If you feel a post violates any of these rules, please send a PM to the moderators of the board where the post resides.
  • Failure to abide by these rules may result in an editing, negative moderation or deletion of your post. We reserve the right to ban abusers from the site without notice. We reserve the right to change these rules at any time.

A complete list of the Guidelines can be found HERE