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Started by Elwood, December 10, 2007, 08:47:11 PM

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I don't know if I will complete this but I started just to see what happens.  I will have to do a little research to get good dates on some of the larger tournaments that I have done well in over the past years and I also have an Ultimate Bass Circut AOY, I'm just not certain of the year.  I have turned several sponsor offers down in the past but do not think that I will turn anymore offers down and will promote a quality product to the best of my ability.

I did not spell check and just kicked this out in about 30 minutes so don't kick my butt too bad on the grammer.  I know it needs allot of work.

Current Position:  
   Senior Master Sergeant United States Air Force Reserves
   Operations Intelligence Superintendant

How can I assist you with name recognition and product sales distribution?
   Include company name in signature on ultimatebass.com, Bassboatcentral.com, and
   Basscat.com forums, multiple posts made and they are increasing daily
   Work/Attend/Participate in Fishing, Boating and Outdoors events.
   Display logos on Tournament apparel on and off the water
   Display logos on both Tow vehicle and Boat
   Provide honest product feedback to anglers though out the region and promote your products
   through results on the water
   Provide weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual progress reports

Born and raised primarily in North Carolina.  Joined the US Air Force in 1986 and ended up stationed at Barksdale AFB, LA in July 1987.  This is where my passion for bass fishing began and has continued until present.  I am very familiar with all types of presentations and baits but I prefer and am the most proficient with the following baits.  Spinnerbaits, Jig and Craw Worm, Tubes, and Buzzbaits.   Primary lakes that I fish are structure lakes with anything from docks to cypress trees.  Night fishing is also a time on the water when I really excel.  I have won many large night tournaments in the area and have been requested to guide several times over the years.  Most notable guide trip was with the US STRATCOM Commander (4 Star General that was visiting Barksdale AFB).   I receive multiple calls and emails every month asking for advise and presentation techniques.  I know that if I was trying to promote a product that fellow anglers would listen.  Of course I would have to have success with the product before I could endorse it.  My military career Field is built off of integrity and I bring that in the boat, on the lake, and to the weigh-in.

A Few Key Tournament Wins and Yearly Standings
   1994 LA Military Bass Anglers
      -Angler of the Year
   1995 LA Military Bass Anglers
      -Angler of the Year Runner-up
   1996 LA Military Bass Anglers
      -Angler of the Year Runner-up
   1997 LA Military Bass Anglers
      -Angler of the Year Runner-up
   1998 LA Military Bass Anglers
      -Angler of the year
                        - KTBS Boat Show Bass Tournament 2nd place
      -Big bass Of the Year 6.57 pounds
   1999 LA Military Bass Anglers
      -5th Place for the year
   2000 LA Military Bass Anglers
      -Angler of the year
      -Big Bass of the Year
            2000 Ultimate Bass Northern Louisiana Tournament Trail
                         - Angler of the Year
                         -Notable 27.00 pound 5 fish string on Grand Bayou
                         - 3rd place finish in the Championship
   2001 LA Military Bass Anglers
      -3rd Place for the year (Missed the last 2 tournaments, deployed in          support of Operation Enduring Freedom)
   2002 LA Military Bass Anglers
      -Angler of the Year
                        - ALBC big bass Second Half of 2002 with a 10.41 pound bass from Caddo
            2003 Northwest LA Bass
      -Angler of the year Runner-up (Missed 3 tournaments, deployed               in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom)
   2004 Northwest LA Bass
      -Angler of the Year
       -Largest Stringer of the year 19.26 pounds
            2004 Thurday Night Tournament
                         -1st in the year end Championship Tournament
   2004 Association of LA bass Clubs
      -Top 25 First place finish
   2005 Northwest LA bass
      Angler of the Year Runner-up
   2005 LA Top Six Champions
   2006 Northwest LA Bass
      -Angler of the Year
   2006 Association of LA Bass Clubs
      -Top 25 Second place finish
   2007 KTBS Boat Show tournament
      _Second Place and Big Bass
   2007 Thursday Evening tournaments (Over 60 boats per a Tournament)
      -Angler of the year 3 wins, 2 Second place finishes and 1 Biig Bass
   2007 Shreveport Rodbenders
      -Angler of the Year Runner-up
   2007 Northwest LA bass
      -Largest Stringer 19.42 pounds

I have many many more tournaments wins under my belt that are not listed.  I was trying to show consistancy throughout the past few years.

I hope that I did not bore you guys too much

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