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Started by pitchnboy, January 13, 2008, 04:40:18 PM

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Hey everyone,

Well i need to make a resume and i was wondering how you go about doing this. how to and everything i need to do and know. please help me.

thanks, Casey
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As you have seen by now there are several of us with resumes on the site you need to go to the chop shop, under Sponsorship,Resumes and Reviews to get some ideas. once you have done that post it ( your resume) there and we will look it over and give you constructive criticism on how to improve it. Or you can email it to me and I will look it over and try to help you. I like the (KISS aproach, KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID).
There are some really great guy's on this site and they will gladly help you, as will I. ~fff

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