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Welcome to the new Ultimate bass tip forum.  This forum is a place to ADD ideas and tips for all our ultimate Bass members. A tip is information provided to improve  life in ALL aspects.  All aspects means just that....Your tip does not have to be fishing related.>>   
 An example of a tip is this.
To keep birds from landing on an enclosed area.....place a rubber snake there.  The bird will see it and never land there.  This works well on a boat steering wheel and or trolling motor.  This technique can also be used in all sorts of other applications.

There will be a contest for those who post tips.  The contest will be as follows:

There will be a a contest every 4 months (i.e. seasonal).  As this board gets going...the contest will become a monthly event.  the best tips will be voted on by ultimatebass members.  The one tip with the most votes will win the gift pack.  The top four runner ups will have their names and tips listed on the MAIN ultimate bass home page...to be view by the whole world for eternity.

In the event a member posts a question in this forum....it will be moved to the "fishing techniques" forum.  When posting PLEASE BE DESCRIPTIVE IN YOUR SUBJECT LINE.  This will make it easy for members to navigate through a sea of tips. an example for a subject line for the tip mention above would be "repelling birds".

OK....thats it.  We need your ideas.  We don't care how or where the tip comes from if you find a tip...post it.  once this gets going it will be one of the most usefull forums here on Ultimate bass.