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Started by MotherNature, January 26, 2008, 11:59:36 PM

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The news article " ESOX Fishing Rods Review" contributed by Fogy can be found on the front page of Ultimate Bass  (1/26/08).

Mike and Laurie asked me to provide a product review of this 7 ' 10 '' heavy hitter, and I was in awe from the moment I picked it up. The comfort and handling of this rod is unbelievable. Now remember it is 7 foot 10 inches long but for its size is surprisingly light , however you can just feel the power and potential of future hook sets.
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Fogy did an outstanding job with this review. I would like to give him a thumbs up as well as the rod. I have heard nothing but good about the ESOX rods. Take a look at the article... let us know about your experiences with ESOX.



Ron Fogelson

I enjoyed this rod and want to thank both ESOX for the fantastic rod and the Cork's for a chance at doing a review.

I'm happy to answer any questions on the article and as this is my 1st am ready for some pointers from the members here on to help make any future articles I do better.



Man Fogy that was a heck of a review, ~c~ I don't think you need any pointers at all, that article made me want to run out and purchase a new ESOX rod.


Great rods, great company. The rods are the best that I have fished with. They are extremely sensitive and light. I fished all of last season with ESOX rods and I wouldnt trade them for anything. Anyone needing any info on any of the rods is welcome to contact me.


I own 4 and the fifth one should actually be delivered on 1/28/08.

Currently I have the Esox Sterling Series 7'6" flipping rod in MH with fast tip/  This is their middle of the road rod, and it is quite simply better than most top of the line rods.  I use it exclusively for jigs and big plastics.  I Use a revo SX 7.1:1 and usually 12# fluoro.  This year it will wear 30# braid to make it even more sensitive.

#2 is the 6'6" CD rod which is my primary workhorse plastic rod.  It is a H action with fast tip.  It now wears the Daiwa Megaforce with the twitching bar (in 7.1:1) and currently unused so far.  I will use 12# fluoro.

#3 is a Sterling series 6'10" dropshot spinning rod.  M action and has become my #1 finesse rod.  It always wears 8# fluoro and a Daiwa Samurai reel.

#4 is an ESOX 6'10" drop shot rod, special ordered with split grips and is my drop shot rod.  I did use it for throwing texas rigged tubes for smallies for which the sensitivity is unbelievable.  This rod wears a BPS Pro Qualifier wide reel and uses only 8# fluoro.

and my 5th rod, is an Esox 7' CD Carolina rig rod (also with split grips an option only available to pro staffers at this time...and you have to ask for it).  It will wear a Revo SX 7.1:1, and uses 17# Fluoro on the main line.

Now for the testimonial:

These rods are better than loomis quality at 1/2 the price.  The sensitivity is unmatched.  My team partner has even bought one now after using mine for the last two years.

Esox, also produces a true carbon fiber rod, which actually is even more sensitive than the graphite one.

Brent and Gary Moorehaed are great to talk to, and I always get a top quality product when I buy. 

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Nice Review.  Like to see one.  Thanks


After fishing for two days was glad to see ESOX make the front page of Dock Talk after checking back in.  I've fished with ESOX rods for over a year now.  I called Gary Moorehead back then and told him I'd like to purchase one rod and one rod only - I use spinning gear exclusively - what would you recommend?  Gary drilled me with a few questions regards the baits I fish with and how I fished them.  Then he suggested the 70SC - great for finesse plastics and small/medium crankbaits - the type of fishing I do almost every time out on the water. 

I used that 70SC rod for about 4-5 months - then officially joined their staff and bought 2 more rods.  I fished with those three rods all of last year and just acquired two more over the Christmas break.  I now own five and see myself with many more in the years to come.

I did not want to seek a pro staff position with ESOX unless these things happened:

1) I had used one of their rods on the water for a considerable amount of time
2) I had put an ESOX Rod through my own testing and had confidence in the rod's ability to help me put fish in the livewell
3) I knew first hand that ESOX products were products I could promote easily with other fishermen like myself

Well - those requirements were all met and I couldn't be happier with my decision to join ESOX.  I have gradually replaced some of my older rods with ESOX rods - standardizing my inventory if you want to look at it like that.  Each rod built is custom built for a specific purpose in mind.  The quality, sensitivity, weight, and overall "feel" are better than with any other rod I've ever owned - and I have owned a bunch of them.  If you are ready to take that next step in rods and are looking for a rod company you'd like to associate yourself with for the long haul - ESOX is a great choice.  They stand behind their fishing rods with a limited lifetime warranty - and will be building fishing rods for many years to come.

If you are interested in ESOX and have questions - please let one of the pro staffers right here on UB know - there are about 8 or 10 of us running around in here.  azsportsman, Bassthumb, Bulldog626, jfelice13, Jigman2, jstrozier, mattorschell, mlakrid, and Swede (me  ;D)  We are all glad to help.
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 ~beer~mmm  very interesting...I would be intersted in SEEing one, where are stocked?
Lets Go Fishing


Guys, make sure to add your reviews to the rods section in the Product Reviews... Now that you guys have got out all of your pro staff testimonials.

Lets hear about some good old fashioned fishing stories that involved the rods. Big fish that you have hauled in...  How do they fish, what if anything do you not like and what do you like the best... how long do they last...

Remember this is not a commercial ;)



I have fished with ESOX rods for about a year now and love the sensitivity and light weight. There crankbait rod is what sold me when i picked it up at plapps,  that is my favorite rod I have ever fished.