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Started by williamcsellers, January 31, 2008, 08:40:46 PM

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William Casey Sellers
Woodstock, Al
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About myself:

I am 28 years old, and married, I have three children 1 girl and 2 boys. I am a hard working and hard driving, very persuasive person. I served 8 years in the United States Marine Corps, I did a tour in Okinawa, Japan and Iraq. While in the Marine Corps I took Leadership and public speaking courses. I attained the rank of Sergeant through hard work and determination. I am very well known in the fishing area in which I live. I have local sponsorship through a tackle shop in which I am frequently called to try out new products and give comments about fish-ability and action. I also represent a Marina and dealership owned by a family member. I fish in the American Bass Angler tournament trail, and the Central Alabama Tournament trail.


To proudly represent my current and future sponsors. I will put myself in the eyes of the people both verbally and physically. I am willing to put in as much time in front of people both on and off the water. Continue to fish and promote products in a safe and professional manner. To sell myself as a responsible, outgoing angler who fishes the water for the everlasting enjoyment of the sport and to gain knowledge, and to educate my children, and others as well. The whole outlook on bass fishing does not lie with us as much as it does the children, they are what is going to keep the sport alive. It is our job to see that they have a future in fishing no matter what type.


I am involved in one of the largest stocking programs once a year where over 100,000 F-1 tiger bass and largemouth bass are stocked in a river system.
In the process of co-organizing a Fishing for the Future for kids program.
I currently fish the American Bass Anglers Tournament Trail  (7th place in points in district)
Numerous local level tournament top 5's and 3 First place finishes

Staff Positions:

JDC Bait Co.
Pro-staff represenative
First in sales in Southeast

Parasite weights.
Alabama sales

ProFormance Jigs-n-tackle.
Sales leader
Sales represenative

Preston's Outdoors.
Sales represenative
Stock handler

Future Goals:

To promote take a kid fishing programs, to not only include kids but as well spouse's.
To continue the stocking programs and incoperate it to more waters in the state of Alabama and hopefully national at some point.
To continue fishing at the American Bass Angler level and the Bassmaster weekend series with the expectation of advancing to the Pro level.


High school graduate
Military Leadership Course
Public Speaking Course (Civilian and Military)

Sponsored by:
JDC Bait Co.(
Preston's Outdoors