Peyton Howells Resume

Started by Grubfishr01, February 26, 2008, 09:09:17 PM

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Name: Peyton       
Address: Roanoke, Va
Age: 18
Email: [Please enable JavaScript to see this content]
Sponsors: Lure Tamer 

Dear Sir or Madam Director:

My name is Peyton. I am interested in working with your company.  As my sponsor, this is what I can do for you.  I can offer word-of-mouth advertising. I am currently employed by my father in the roofing industry.  This allows me to meet many new people, including fishermen, throughout the state of Virginia.  I can offer you standard logo placement on my boat. I will also be able to offer additional exposure opportunities through logo and decal placement on our 4 service vehicles.  Additional exposure opportunities will also exist through 2 personal vehicles, and through our company billboard advertisements purchased for display in sports arenas and stadiums. These arenas/stadiums hold about 1,000 people each and people are in them almost every Thursday and Friday through half of the year. 

My home lake is Smith Mountain Lake.  I also enjoy fishing Roanoke, James, and New River.  Though my status is an amateur, my abilities in fishing and my education in the fishing industry is improving every day.  I feel I do have a lot of skill and expertise that I would be able to offer your company.  I love fishing.

Thank you for reviewing my resume.  I have attached my email address, for follow up replies.  I hope we will be able to work together in the near future.

Thank you

Peyton Howell


Assuming Peyton and Colby are brothers??  Similar recommendations as previous feedback given:
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