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2 ways of looking at soft plastic colors.

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Sorry all this is a longer one to read but something I think is cool to do with soft plastics. I think there are two ways of seeing the color of soft plastics to help us understand what the fish might be seeing and that in turn could help us pin point what it is they are feeding on.

 1.  The first is what I call store shelf eye, this is the typical pick up the bag look at the color read the label to see what the color is called, think do I have a color like this already?

 2.  The second I haven't really named but works like this, use your shop light or a UV light, sit down and hold the soft plastic up to it from a distance. If done correctly you will notice that the bait looks much different than it does when you hold it out in front of your body. The translucency allows light to penetrate the body altering the color and because you are at a seated position you are looking up at the light and seeing the bait how a fish would as it fell through the water column. I have noticed by doing this that some colors really are not as bright and wild as they may seem, and it has given me a little more open mindness to some colors I wouldn't normally use in some instances.



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nice i didnt even look at it that way before  :-* ~c~