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Started by clarker2000, December 08, 2008, 04:32:34 PM

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I am searching for sponsors for this coming fishing season and was hoping to get some help. First off, Swede and many others have mentioned the fact that you cant go in asking "what can you do for me." I realize that but how do you actually obtain what it is that you/I am actually in pursuit of?  What is the first step?   Do you write the sponsor and send them a resume or do you call them directly?  I just dont understand how you get to the point of a potential sponsor saying "Im going to send you 100 jigs" or "A trolling motor is on the way".  I mean at some point the conversation actually has to come about when you are asking for help.  Granted on my end I would certainly try to sell the sponsors products and promote the company each and every time I can.  Im not a novice fisherman  or businessman however I am a novice when it comes to getting some sort of sponsorship to help with costs, equipment, lures etc...  I have read several/most of the posts in his section and I just dont see how to get this in motion. I fish several local tournaments and I am lookiing to do something more regional at first.   I am a die hard for the following brands:
Champion Boats, Shimano Curados, Zoom plastics, Yamaha Motors, Suffix braid, Gamakatsu, Motorguide, Jewel Jigs etc...   
I hope I dont come off like Im looking for a pot of gold, I really dont understand the process and I know I can help promote products on and off the water. 
Thanks for your time and comments!!!
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That is the question we all ask and it is different for everyone.

Blind letters by the 1,000's will go unanswered or receive little to no net results so I've heard.  IMO the best way to do this is building a relationship with the company if not at the top then at least at the local level.  The person can now personally let you know if there is an opening or not.  They can help put you in contact with the power that be so you will know who to send your proposal to and at times they might not be able to offer anything that your looking for but by building that relationship say with a dealer they might could slide you up the line when you have boat troubles before a tournament.  This all takes time to build up and isn't always a sure way to make things happen but I think its a good start.


I'm sure the biggest names in bass fishing get many many requests for some type of sponsorship.  Perhaps they are not the best option for what you are seeking even though you use their products.  You may want to seek sponsorship elsewhere - outside the world of fishing.  I'd recommend Scott Rauber's Fish for Free guide.  Some inovative ways to get sponsored and Fish for Free.

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Start with people you know and network. Let your friends and family know what you're doing, what your goals are, and where you hope to be in 1 year, 2 years, 5 years...etc. Above all else, go fishing and don't pre-occupy yourself with making sponsorship your priority.

I made the mistake of putting too much effort into getting sponsors several years ago and it killed my fishing/performance. I was so preoccupied with sponsors I couldn't concentrate on fishing, and it showed. I also didn't like who I had become, as I thought being sponsored was the do all be all of bass fishing.

By economics, not choice, I took a 1 year step back from fishing tournaments, and darned near recreational fishing. What a difference the break made, as now I'm back to having fun, my concentration is back, and in my first full season back I have a top 20, 2 top 10's, and a top 5 and have worked from 118th in points to 14th, as I started the season a tournament behind.

My wife's accounting firm sponsors me now by paying my entry fees when needed, but as of right now, my winnings from the last tournament have me paid up through the next 3 tournaments.

Good luck to you, and enjoy fishing, the opportunities will come but you can't force them... take it from someone who has "been there, done that".