Rudy @ Karl, I can't thank you enough!!!

Started by Beagle, April 27, 2008, 05:02:53 PM

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I just finished fishing the B.A.S.S. Central Open. Rudy and Karl have made sure over the last few months that I had everything I needed. I just really don't know how to thank them. I did take a picture with my idol as a kid.

I'm getting the rest of the pics together to put on dock talk. Laurie has the pics of me on stage.


I'm jealous Paul- Rick Clunn, Mike Iaconelli, and KVD are my favorite pros. I heard Rick is an awesome guy to talk to and really knows his fishing. I bet that was an experience. WTG KaRu!

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Ok OK.... I am no KVD or Rick Clunn, but hey....   What about the putting fish in the boat?  lo

LOL ~c~

Had a great time with you Paul.

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Thats great Paul! Rick Clunn is an awesome fisherman! No thanks neccesary though Paul, thank you for all you do for us  ~c~ ~c~ ~c~
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Ahhh Mr KaRu Lures!!! ;D  Congrats on the tourney finish Paul - we was all watching the standings daily - you did very very well!! ~c~ ~c~
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 Kerry, I would rather fish with you anytime bro. I only thought I was good until I fished with you. I learned so much and like I told you before, I can't thank you enough. I even got some of the frogs you were using but I just can't seem to work them like you. But hey, YOUR A PRO. Kerry, thanks again. I hope to see you again soon dude.


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KaRu Rocks the boat  v~  ~fff  ~c~ ~c~ ~c~

Tell us Paul you got a photo with Kerry?  ~shade

I'd luv to be an Ohio river stowaway with a PRO to show me how it's supposed to be done  :-*  Please.. This river is tuff  ~bb

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