KaRu got the job done

Started by alduckhu, April 28, 2008, 01:54:56 PM

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KaRu got the job done when the bite was slow
The day started out  good with the topwater bite
then it was like you turned the switch off so we moved to the flats that we had found some nice fish on bed we tried soft baits hitting them on the head with no results my partner was trying a spinnerbait so i
picked up my jigging rod with a VibraShock jig in Black and Blue
and on cast # 2  she hit it like a train and the rest is history
we cough a lot of small fish But we got 4 nice ones to get us seventh
and all but 1  came on the VibraShock


Ron Fogelson

Man I love to hear about days like this.

Thanks for the report  ~c~


Awesome job alduckhu and KaRu! Some nice bass there. ~c~


Way to Go Al   ~c~ ~c~ ~c~

  Props to KaRu   ~beer~ ~beer~ ~beer~

Lee Smith

Great Job, seems like the Vibrashocks are working every where!!

Congrats ~c~ ~c~

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