my first crank

Started by -Dave-, May 20, 2008, 04:58:31 PM

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This is what I do in Tech Class when i have finnished my work.

I hope the pics work



Very cool. Now it's time to get the airbrush out.
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wish i had one, this one will be hand painted. more pics to come


not bad bro, it takes alot of trial and error doing wood cranks.  you can sand and sand but you can never add any wood when you know you messed up, then you end up changing your design.....about 50% of the time it works out better than planned.......


looks pretty good , hooks are prob a tad large for the bait, before you paint it put some devcon 2 ton epoxy over it with a hair brush , I used harbor freights shop brushes
you will need to keep the lure moving end over end until the epoxy dries, other wise the epoxy will run to one side before it dries.

I use a electric rotisserie motor for that, you can pick up one at lowes, home depot for about 20 bucks, check yard sales, or see or to see if anyone has one they dont want and will give to you for free.

Free Cycle and Sharing is giving are cool groups if you haven't heard of them, you can post something you want and if someone in your area has it .. the can contact you to let you have it for free. Alot of people post stuff they are giving away free .. Ive gotten a 1983 Nissan 4x4 truck, a 54lb thrust foot control trolling motor, boat seats, fishing equipment, computers, all kinds of stuff .. of course Ive probably givin away as much or more than I have received.

I used to donate to some certain charity thrift stores , until before I left they were tossing most of my stuff in the garbage, and it wasnt just mine .. they were doing the same with others stuff too.. after seeing that I quit giving it to those charities.. and started doing free cycle and sharing is giving and nothing else, at least someone is getting use of it and keeping the stuff out of land fill a little longer.

Anyway back to your lure .. after the Devcon dries , take it to the lake river pond etc .. see if it swims ok b4 you paint it .. my first couple baits didnt swim at all.. they rolled  lo lo .. you also may need a belly wait to balance it correctly .. has alot of that info and more

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