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Started by afroman5015, June 13, 2008, 09:09:55 PM

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Like the title says any of UB's Sponsors, or any lure companies looking for a young field tester shoot me a pm will be glad to test and leave reviews of your baits.

P.S. Not sure if this is the right thread

Ron Fogelson

It's the right thread but the wrong approach.   ~shade

Our sponsors are are just great folks, they get on here and visit, share info, offer give aways, have sales, sometimes even free shipping and in return,,,,,,,, they would sure like some of our members to BUY some of their products.

A better approach here or any time in the future someone would like to work as a Field Staff/Pro Staff or try out for sponsorship is to know the companies you would like to WORK for.  know the products they have to offer, create a WORKING relationship, WORK at bring them new customers or repeat business.

Nothing wrong with asking for help, but before doing so, get to know the company, use the company then if you believe in the products and or company promote them.  Even when you do all the above sometimes the answer is still thanks but no thanks.  But generally people have more of a chance then trying to do it like you asked.

Don't think I'm busting on you, this question is asked about once a month here and I'm offering some advice.    ;)


 ~b~ no hard feelings i understand


I'll have to pass on your offer this time around  lo
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Quote from: GotstaFish on June 14, 2008, 03:09:29 PM
I'll have to pass on your offer this time around  lo

maybe next time

Ron Fogelson


Oh man!!!!  What a GREAT topic.  I get between 10 and 15 emails a day for freebies, but I have one that I just have to share.  (sadly it's a bit 'typical' at this point)   

Names have been edited to protect the innocent.

First email recieved.

I would LOVE to be sponsored by you. I have been on a mission for about two weeks, but no one wants to sponsor two 15 year olds. We would love to do anything possible to help your business. If that means wearing T-Shirts to tournaments. As of now we are trying to do Junior Bassmasters and local Tournaments in the local area. Would like it if you would respond as soon as possible.


My reply:

Not a great start, as i don't even know who is emailing me.



This is (insert name) ?????

My response:

What's with all the question marks?  Is your name a question?


No. Are you interested about sponsoring us.


Your killing me man,  WHO IS "US" ?   (his name? work name?)   .....(he was using his mom's email account, so I wasn't really sure who I was talking to)   

I have a feeling that i know why you haven't got sponsored.   You have to sell yourself, and after 5 emails back and forth with you, all i know is that half of 'us' is named (his name).


I'm 15 years old. I'm wanting to join the junior bassmasters. I going to stores and ext. trying to find someone to sponsor.


Have fun with that!


b       (p.s.  I don't take tournament fishing into account AT all when picking pro-staffers. I sell tackle, so all I really need is to find someone who can sell tackle...........Oh, I have to comment on one other thing. Boat advertising is great and all, but I always prefer my decals and stickers to be on Trucks and Trailers, as they are seen about 1000 times more than your boat.   ;)
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wow i mean im 15 also but i wouldnt send a company an email like that no sir i would at least have put my name in there and stpped playing email tag some kids need to mature up