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Started by afroman5015, June 15, 2008, 01:50:53 AM

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My names Michael and im 15 but everyone here on UB knows me as afroman5015 i just recently started fishing on the FOMNTT Fishers Of Men National Tournament Trail this season and as soon as i got in the tourney mood all i could think was sponsors and how i could get a sponsor to buy me stuff and give me things just if i used their stickers or decals, but i soon realized once i joined UB that that deff is'nt the way to approach a sponsor. I've tried this method more than a few times and look at me i still dont have a sponsor. All im saying is dont go into a e-mail to a sponsor talking about i want you to send me this in trade of this.

P.S. Look around on UB for more in depth information on sponsorships or just ask around :help:

Moral: Learn from others mistakes ~b~


A step in the right direction Michael  ~c~
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Bountiful Waters

Now your catching on young man. You'll be OK, just learn as much as you can. This is a great place to do it.


 your exactly right, Your main point in your email to a company always needs to be what you can do for them and how they will benefit in the way of sales. I'm actually 18 myself and started pursuing sponsorships about two years ago, I started on a local level but only the companies that had products I actually used and believed in, that's really important because you want to be able to promote a product you use and have alot of confidence in, it really helps in making you sound more legitimate when trying to sell a product. It is naturally harder to get the attention of larger national companies but if you really have an interest in their products and can show what you bring to the table alot of times you can get something setup.



you may of forgot it, but it was great advice to offer others!  ~c~